Pad Thai!

Pad Thai - my first attemptPad Thai needs no introduction. Right? Right.

A well made pad thai is absolutely one of my favorite dishes ever – but I’ve never made it. So last weekend, I made a run to multiple grocery stores – an Asian one for some ingredients, and about 10 miles in the other direction to Trader Joe’s for other ingredients and last night I buckled down and made it. I also have a confession to make: I pretty rarely use an actual recipe. But last night I was very glad I did – I think I made a fairly acceptable version.

The recipe is here:

Notes to self:

1. The only things I might do differently next time:

a. Not toast peanuts up front – some got over toasted while some were under toasted and I shy away from blackened peanuts. Although this might have to do with the fact that I used a normal pot, not a wok.

b. Use peanut oil or sesame oil – oils that can withstand higher heat than the usual vegetable oil. This way, I keep the oil really hot without ‘burning’.

2. Of course – one can substitute soy sauce for fish sauce, tofu for shrimp/chicken – to keep it fully vegetarian!

And the picture is of the leftovers – sorry I took no pictures of the while cooking it, but the site linked here has plenty of pics and oh man, was I hurried and hungry while cooking! So I had no time to take pics anyway!


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