The Fuji Melt

Just before you put the two sides together and gobble it up!

I never thought I’d blog about a sandwich, but I am. I thought this one up while we were driving back home from Boston and I was getting increasingly hungry. I decided I was craving apples (Fuji apples are absolutely my favorite) and cheese at the same time. So we stopped off at the grocery store on the way back and picked up some good cheddar, Gruyere and of course: Fuji apples.

To keep it short: we sliced up some ciabatta. Layered up a few apple slices which we covered (generously!) with cheddar and/or Gruyere. Into the toaster oven this went. Don’t make it too hot – these cheeses melt easy and that’s really all you want. We dabbed on some basil-pesto mustard from Stonewall Kitchen (It really is quite tasty, try it!) and added some leafy greens.

We loved this so much for Sunday lunch, we made this for lunch for the rest of the week, till we ran out of apples!

The apple then stays the star of the show, while good cheddar/Gruyere has that wonderful texture and salty taste to balance the juiciness and sweet taste of the apple.  The greens add well, some more character here while the mustard adds in the right tangy element to complement everything else in here. It helped that we used ciabatta – the heartiness helps keep everything together while adding depth to the sandwich.


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