Thank you !

No recipe today, more of being grateful.

I was just thinking how lucky I was to eat my mother’s food for most of my life. She is an exceptional cook and always had a natural flair for cooking the most simple and delicious of dishes. I think I got my sense of ‘how-would-this-taste-if-you-do-that?’ and of ‘how-is-this-supposed-to-taste’ from her. I took her love of food and sense of taste and my father’s sense of being adventurous in trying out new things and for all that I am eternally blessed.

My mother, in turn, had received this gift from her mother, and then developed her cooking skills beyond that.

Saradipitea of course, gets all her kitchen wisdom from her mother, who is also a fantastic, tireless cook.

I know everyone says this of their mothers. They are probably right. But I know I am absolutely right about our mothers being truly the culinary geniuses we know them to be!

So here we are – hoping to emulate the generations of kitchens of our families. If we cook the dishes we grew up with as well as our mothers and grandmothers did, we’d be a very fortunate couple. We hope we can take this culinary heritage and develop it even further. Here’s to three generations of kitchens, and beyond…

Thank you!


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