Poached pears

I am usually not big on looking up recipes, and when I do look them up – it is mostly to try and learn some technique I need.

I am not sure why, but a few weeks ago I had the hankering for poached pears. Actually – I do know why. We’d gone fruit picking, like any self respecting New England resident. Also like any other self respecting New England resident, we’d picked more pears than we needed. After making pear-cake and using them up in nutella-pear crepes (That’s for another post) I decided to find out how to poach pears.

This is how I came across this wonderful post by the celebrated chef David Lebovitz. Oh, the pictures in the post are amazing. For once, I followed the steps faithfully. I was immensely gratified by the results.

The only difference between what he describes and what I did – was I did not have parchment paper. So I made do without it, and ensured I kept covering the pears so nothing would dry out. I might have also gone overboard with adding raisins and dried cranberries at the end.

Like I said, his pictures are amazing, but here are mine.


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