It has been a very long time since I wrote here. The reason is simple: it was a very hectic year. We moved to California and work’s been busy. So personally for me, cooking took a back seat and my patient wife took up the reins, um, spatula. This blog post in fact is dedicated to something she made.
Perhaps our favorite thing about California is the produce one gets. We live in the South Bay. It’s simple: you put stuff in the soil – and it grows! We got some fantastic vegetables and herbs in our own gardens. There are fantastic farmers markets out here – every single weekend. In other words – produce is just delicious! One of our friends has a beautiful orange tree in his backyard and generously shared many of their oranges with us. After using the oranges for this and that, the wife scratched her head and decided she would make marmalade.
Both she and I like to keep things simple: she found a simple recipe and the results were spectacular! She used this recipe. Here is a picture! It really was as tasty as it looks. In fact, I will go as far as saying that this was the best marmalade I have ever had!

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