Simple bulgur pilaf with summer vegetables

Summer vegetable bulgur pilaf. (Grimbergen blonde in the background!)

We’ve been trying to move towards more nutritious grain. Bulgur is pretty great – back in India we ate ‘dalia’ as breakfast cereal quite a lot on weekends, both sweet as well as savory. It packs in quite a bit of protein and fiber.

For dinner this week, we brought in a lot of summer vegetables and decided to make a pilaf with them and bulgur. This one’s is quite simple:

  1. Prepare bulgur: add 2.5x water to 1x bulgur. Add 1 level teaspoon salt to each cup of bulgur. Mix it up and cook on high. This should take about 40 minutes or so. Stir occasionally, especially from the bottom so it does not burn. You will know it’s ready both by tasting (Should be softened enough to be al dente – err on the side of soft) and also – the grain would have become mostly translucent.
  2. While bulgur is cooking, prepare the vegetables: saute (separately) chopped zucchinis, carrots, green beans and red bell peppers
  3. Make sweet onions: chop a medium onion into strips and saute it on high. When it is almost done, add water and 1 teaspoon brown sugar and mix it up. Heat on high till the water evaporates, set aside.

  4. When vegetables and the bulgur are ready, mix them up.
  5. Final touches: the current vegetables and bulgur as they stand, would be quite tasty – just add some black pepper and you are good to go. However, I personally am a big fan of having a sour overtone on such a pilaf: it is summer after all. You could chop up some fresh tomatoes, drizzle some olive oil and mix those up. What I did today was to simply add some pomegranate syrup on top. You can buy this from an Indian, Turkish or Middle Eastern grocery store. I was lucky enough to have a bottle of the good home made stuff from a friend!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ani D says:

    Looks like I know what I will be having for lunch! This looks great.

    1. Dhruv Bhargava says:

      Thanks, enjoy!

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